fee off

With respect to Frank Civil Consulting fees; currently the majority of contracts are by the hour. The hourly rate includes Mr. Frank’s administrative cost and minor printing charges. He has provided proposals to his clients with “estimated” hours, however, each month billed for the hours required to complete any requested task. His proposal has been the contract many times; however, he has been willing to negotiate with his client’s contracts when asked to do so. Frank Civil Consulting is also open to other options for cost of services including a fixed monthly or task driven fee. Fees can be provided for pavement review, analysis, and report writing. Continuing fees can be provided for Specification writing, bid instructions, and bid implementation and review. Finally, Frank Civil Consulting (via Michael Frank) can provide Owner’s Agent services to ensure that all design and specification intent is followed and strictly adhered to. Frank Civil Consulting carries $1,000,000 of Errors and Omissions Insurance and $2,000,000 of Professional General Liability Insurance