Frank Civil Consulting has the ability to understand true pavement needs from a non-biased perspective. We understand pavement design as it relates to traffic use, grade and weather. You will receive realistic, practical approaches to pavement maintenance and repair.

Since 1977, Mr. Frank has extensive experience in all facets of Land Development including experience in Grading, Paving, Wet and Dry Utilities and related Site Work Industry. In October 2005, Mr. Frank retired as Executive Vice President of successful Civil Construction Company (instrumental in the company’s development since its inception) including management of estimating and project management departments, pre-construction services, contractual negotiations, problem resolution, and client services. During this time Mr. Frank oversaw projects such as various master plan communities, residential subdivisions (5 acres to 750 acres), Commercial Office Complexes of all sizes and types, Industrial Property development, Multi-family housing, and municipal development. Mr. Frank is skilled in C.M.A.R. procurement and all forms of private procurement techniques. He has overseen the estimating and project management of all facets of the Civil Construction business, including Earthwork, Paving, Wet and Dry Utilities (all self performed), Concrete and Concrete Structures, Masonry, Landscape, Street Lighting, and Amenities (through subcontract procurement).

Since its inception in October of 2005; Mr. Frank has assisted Developers & Community Managers with their pavement remediation issues. Mr. Frank provides a non-biased, “no nonsense” approach to pavement maintenance. His approach to pavement involves a multi-faceted review of all conditions surrounding pavement longevity and esthetics. These steps include drainage in pavement and common areas, landscape irrigation, ongoing drainage maintenance, subgrade structural integrity, pavement and base course structural integrity, and pavement esthetics. Frank reviews with his clients their goals for their pavement. His belief is “your asphalt is an investment. And like all investments requires continual review and maintenance to provide a lasting and positive return.” Based on the information received from the client, Frank puts together the most comprehensive plan for remediation that complies with the goals of that client. The ultimate result is that the client receives the best and most effective solution to address their specific issues and concerns. Frank Civil Consulting will provide you the correct answer, not the one that falls necessarily in line with the maintenance contractor’s desire to sell you their represented product.

Frank Civil Consulting was created as a result of Frank’s desire to take his over 30 years of Civil Construction knowledge and apply it to assisting the development community. Since the company’s inception, he has had tremendous success in accomplishing those goals. The proof is in the amount of repeat clients that have been maintained over the years. With little to no advertising Frank Civil Consulting has established a good nucleus of current clients from all over the Southwest United States. Mr. Frank is a sole proprietor and completes all his own research, investigations, budgets, quantity take offs, report writing, bid specifications and management. This way he can ensure his clients that they have the full extent of his knowledge and expertise as well as his total attention to their projects. In Frank Civil Consulting brief history, Frank has been involved with over 65 different developments in the various ways defined above.

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