• Design Review, Assist Civil Engineer and Owner
    We examine the plans and specifications from a technical and practical view from inception to final plan. Our objective is to provide you with the most accurate analysis of each phase of the design process. We work to avoid costly redesign as a result of rushed engineering drawings. We also provide a detailed thorough review of plans to ensure that “surprise” change orders are minimized and bids received are for a complete job. 
  • Value Engineering
    At Frank Civil Consulting we see that you get the best value for your development dollar. We explore all realistic options of the design and provide our clients the best value. We offer practical solutions for complex design issues. 
  • Alternative Ideas
    We look at all options regarding budget or the construction time frame, providing realistic goals to reduce your exposure to risk and unplanned costs. 
  • Coordination
    We have the ability to bring an entire team on line to provide a successful inception to conclusion on any project. We act as your experienced liaison for all aspects of site development.
  • Preliminary and Secondary Budgeting
    Over many years, Michael T. Frank has gained both technical and practical estimating experience to provide multiple estimates during any portion of the due diligence phase of a project. We provide a realistic alternative to “Engineers Estimates”.
  • Problem Solving and Dispute Resolution
    With over 35 years of management experience, Michael Frank understands that objectiveness, thoroughness, and fairness are key to achieving unilateral problem resolution.
  • Owner’s Agent
    With his over 35 years of site development experience, we are able to assist clients in any aspect of the site development process including design, bidding, review and construction representation.
  • Contractual Analysis
    From our experience, we understand the “legal ease” of contract language. We have the ability to negotiate fair and equitable contractual language for all parties.
  • Management Evaluation and Assistance
    Frank Civil Consulting will provide an overall review of your current management plan, feasibility studies and flow charting. We review any specific portion of the day-to-day operation. We also make available to you our professional assistance in evaluation and/or reorganization of our client’s business strategy by thoroughly understanding your current position and your needs leading into the future.