Pavement & Drainage Maintenance & Remediation Services

Frank Civil Consulting provides an extensive level of expertise in evaluation, problem resolution, strategizing and financial planning support to both its Commercial and Residential clients.  Properties range in size from 3 acres Multi-family to 8500 acre Master Plan Communities.  These services include:

  • Detailed investigation of all pavement and related components for existing conditions and analysis of condition causes and solutions for those causes.  Any and all Civil Engineering Design or Studies required to support this evaluation.
  • Detailed and through reporting of the Investigation (with photographs), written in terms the client can understand and work with.
  • Well thought out phasing of remediation and maintenance developed in concert with the client and their fiscal ability to support those components.
  • Detailed and comprehensive Bid Specifications to thoroughly address the needs of the property.  Mitigating the majority of “blank holes” that arise when receiving bids directly from the contracting community.
  • Contract Administration and Representation during the construction process ensuring all work is completed per specification.

Click HERE to see a list of Pavement & Drainage Maintenance & Remediation Projects Frank Civil Consulting has performed.

Pre-Development & Owner’s Agent Services

Frank Civil Consulting will utilize its extensive knowledge in both Civil Engineering  and Civil Construction to develop the most efficient strategy, thusly providing the client the best value for their development dollar. once design or strategy is finalized, we will continue to use those extensive services to assist our client with bidding and oversight of the work as the Owners Agent or Project Consultant.  Project sizes range from 5 acres to 1000 acres.  Those comprehensive services include

  • Feasibility studies and analysis.  
  • Civil Engineer design and peer review. 
  • Pro-forma and interim design budgeting Constructability evaluation 
  • Represent the owner in Bid Specifications/Request for Proposal Assembly, Distribution and Analysis.
  • Owner representation throughout the process. 
  • Assist Owner with Contract negotiations  with the General Contractor, change order review and negotiations.
  • Engineer coordination and design review, coordination with Public Agencies and Public/Private Utility Companies.
  • Owner representation and coordination with the Construction Manager or General Contractor.
  • Expert analysis, review and comments in claims dispute between Owner and Contractor.
  • Assist Owner with Civil Engineering plans and other related design professionals, negotiation and coordination with municipalities to obtain recordable plats.



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