Pavement Maintenance & Remediation Services

Jerry Fossler  Heritage Ranch Owners Association, Paso Robles, CA

“Recently I contracted with Frank Civil Consulting to evaluate the maintenance and reconstruction needs of our association’s 46 miles of roads. They did an onsite evaluation and prepared the most complete and highly organized report I had ever received.  The report included a detailed street by street plan along with a 30 year financial analysis. They completed bid specifications which were sent to every major road paving contractor serving our area, along with, an invitation to attend a bidders conference. More importantly, for the first time in my management career, I received an education that will help me make road maintenance and reconstruction decisions in the future that I am sure will result in huge savings on future projects.  I am most pleased to recommend Frank Civil Consulting to anyone. They are by far the most professional I have ever worked with.  Don’t make the mistake of letting the road paving contractor sell you on what you need to do…they are in the business to maximize profits for their company. Put yourself in the position of giving your contractor the specifications that are best for your project. And, then make sure you are getting what you are paying for by letting Frank Civil Consulting manage your project…its cheap insurance.”

Mike Breslin  Las Brisas at Scottsdale Ranch

“Las Brisas, which was approaching 30 years of age, was in need of a substantial street upgrade.  After talking to a number of HOA managers it became obvious that we needed someone to help us deal with all the many issues that a project of this nature entailed.  Your name kept coming up as someone that had all the credentials, experience and successful implementation of the projects entrusted to your care.  At our first meeting, you said “if you hire us for this project I am reasonable sure I will exceed your expectations”.  I responded that no one has ever exceeded my expectations.  After you finished your presentation I got back to you and told you, your presentation skills and ability to explain in layman’s terms, what had to be done, truly did exceed my expectations – but time will tell if my positive reaction will continue.  It did, and has been fortified by you, and your team’s enormous ability to manage each and every aspect of a very, as it turned out, complicated, intricate project.  Your evaluation of our needs and conclusion that before we physically commence the street restoration, we had a serious irrigation and  drainage problem that required extensive re engineering to fix problems that were built into our original construction. In pursuing a plan to update our antiquated irrigation system and re doing our drainage protocol you were present with a continuing number of hurdles which had to be overcome for us to have a successfully completed street renovation.  Your continuing good demeanor, instantaneous response to our every request, ability to deal effectively in securing successful bids and clinical oversight of every detail necessary to effect the completion of our project, on time and on budget, continue “to exceed my expectations”, and fortify my belief that in engaging you and your firm we truly go the very best.”

Michael Arrington  Corte Bella Country Club Associations

” I cannot state how impressed I have been with Mr. Michael frank and his team.  Not only are they professional in how they approach each and every detail but they deliver upon all that is promised and then some.  As the General Manager of Corte Bella Country Club Association, I recently had the pleasure of working with the Frank Civil Consulting team on a large project involving 17 miles of private streets.  The crack sealing project was heavily scrutinized by the general public at every turn as was the infrastructure evaluation and repair prior to the seal coat phase.  In other words, it was a tough crowd with the highest expectations and Frank Civil Consulting did not miss a beat.  The Frank Civil Consulting team came in with a plan and executed it beautifully and as advertised.  I was skeptical at first of whether we really needed a consultant on the job but quickly turned as the process began and results were realized from planning, to selecting the right vendor and through out the duration of the project it became apparent that great value was there.  They were able to adjust as needed on the fly and exceed every expectation.  The experience, integrity and pride taken in completing this assignment were evident to the last detail”

David Wilson Walden Condominium Association

“Your solid, thoughtful recommendation laid the foundation for the rest of the project.  In particular, we much appreciate the efforts you put in on managing the paving work itself.  You kept the project on schedule and with the minimum of disruption to the residents.  As with all such work, there is a depth of knowledge and understanding that is required for paving projects.  We do not have that knowledge and experience, you showed time and time again that you do and were able to explain matters succinctly in layman’s terms.  You clearly had (have) a very good working relationship with the  paving contractors we selected through the bid process; that was without doubt important outcome of the project.  Your support, advice and the maintenance plan proved to be a good investment and we now have an asset that will serve the Community well for many years to come.”

D. J. Dirren  Talus HOA

“You and your people were always very responsive and knowledgeable on every aspect of the project.  Even though we had major repairs required, the finished resurface and seal coating resulted in our 25 year old streets looking near new again.”

Mike Dickens  Asphalt Technologies

“Michael was very helpful on the front end in helping us make sure we were covered. That is huge, thinking in terms of a Partnership more than just the watch dog mentality. I think these situations always work when the contractor is told they are doing something wrong when they are doing it so they can make the appropriate adjustment instead of being observed and being told they did it wrong and to redo it. We find this issue with some inspectors. They could resolve an issue if they just mentioned something they noticed while the work is being performed instead of waiting until it is too late and then not approving the work until that item is redone. I hope this is helpful and it is always easier to satisfy customers when your contractor is a partner and not an adversary.”

Ande Huntley  Rio Crossing Homeowners Association Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael & Dawn Frank for the past year. I had a difficult situation in a community and needed an expert’s help. Michael stepped up to the plate by coming to several Board meetings, providing us with a wonderful report of our situation, sitting through legal interviews and leading us through a rather challenging situation & negotiations. He is both professional, knowledgeable and the top in his industry for what he does. My community is better for it, my Board is more knowledgeable and informed from him, and our situation handled in a very timely and professional manner. It was a delight and pleasure working with him and if I ever need such services, he will be the first person I call! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing his skills and services.”

Karen Scislowski  Vestar Property Management

“Michael helped in the different parking lot projects and developing the five year projections for the various centers managed by Vestar Properties.  His professionalism and expertise was a valuable asset when we presented the information to our ownership groups.  He certainly made my job easier and supervising the two paving projects.  The final result was immensely better than I hoped.”

Los Alisos Homeowners Association

“We are a small gated community of 96 homes in North Scottsdale, AZ and wanted to ensure that any money our HOA was spending was used wisely.  Given that street repairs are our biggest budget item and none of our Board members or Management Company are experts in this area, we hired the services of Frank Civil Consulting to oversee the entire road repair and resealing project in our community.  From the initial meeting with Michael Frank, to the professional report of our street conditions, to the long-term budget and maintenance plan he created, to his bid creation and review, and to the onsite management and inspections he performed while the actual work was being performed, we could not have been more pleased.  Our streets turned out beautifully and we feel the money spent was a wise investment in ensuring we got the exactly the work our streets needed.

Both Michael and Dawn were friendly and professional throughout the entire project.   We would recommend Frank Civil Consulting to any community who is considering street repair/resealing work and wishes to gain the confidence of knowing that an expert is in your corner looking out for your interests.”

Mickey Latz  Golden Valley Property Management

“We’ve had several HOAs hire Frank Civil Consulting and all of them have been happy with the detailed work product, the oversight of the contractors and know exactly what is happening onsite at any time. We will continue to recommend his company to our clients.”

W. R. Meier, Jr.  Geotechnical Engineer and Asphalt expert (Retired) Western Technologies, Inc.

“He is very knowledgeable in construction and maintenance of pavement, particularly asphalt pavements. He has applied his considerable experience in these areas to his consulting work and has sought out the expertise of others to enhance his work. He has always been straightforward and honest in his dealings with others both as a contractor’s representative and when serving his clients in his private practice. During his years of contracting and consulting, he has developed relationships with representatives of the various companies supplying products for the asphalt pavement industry such that he can offer recommendations for appropriate products for various applications.”

Pre-Development & Owner’s Agent Services

Timothy L. Terrill  Counter Flow Development LLC

“Michael Frank is a civil infrastructure professional with extensive knowledge, experience and attention to detail. I have known him for about 25 years – initially as an infrastructure contractor and for the last several years as a land development and civil infrastructure consultant. As an accomplished developer and engineer, I am careful about the parties I work with. For the past several years as a division President for Walton, I used Michael as needed for assistance with several land development projects in Arizona for pre-development coordination with public agencies and utility companies, as well as preparation of cost estimates to assist in pro forma development during planning and entitlement to make sure our projects worked economically and that we did not miss anything.”

David S. Ritchie  Rio Verde Services, Inc.

“Michael Frank reviewed all plans and made several suggestions that resulted not only in savings to us but a better product. His understanding of the construction industry and attention to detail coupled with his frequent site inspections were instrumental in significant savings in time and money. His advice resulted in savings that paid his fee several times over.”

Dennis O’Neil, PE  Sunbelt Investment Holdings, Inc.

“Michael’s expertise in construction management, contracting, value engineering, permitting and regulatory compliance is a strong asset to our land development team. Michael’s oversight and consultation has saved us substantial time and money. Michael is an excellent communicator and I have come to appreciate his professionalism and integrity.”

Farshad Asherian  Keshvar, LLC

“Mr. Frank provided critical infrastructure due diligence and research during negotiations of a potential property purchase. His service for my company has been instrumental in the success of our projects. He has met or exceeded all our project expectation. Michael Frank’s services are a must for any company that wants to go horizontal.”

Jon James  Terrazona, LLC

“We have used his services many times and found the process very helpful. My experience in Real Estate started 38 years ago. I have built thousands of homes, developed Master Planned Communities and Retail Centers. There are people who really stand out and make a difference in designing and developing a project. Michael is one of those people. I think you will find his services equally helpful.”

Tom Jones  Leadermark Construction

“Mr. Frank has been very responsive and detail oriented, also a man of integrity. His support through the engineering process has been very impressive. Thanks for your help Michael. I look forward to working more together in the future.”

Jeff Garrett  Evergreen Development 

“Michael’s professionalism, attention to detail and integrity are superior. His years of construction experience are evidenced by his many long lasting industry relationships and his exceptional construction knowledge. Michael has been a true asset to Evergreen Communities.”

Bill Metzger   RightPath Limited

“Michael Frank was referred to us as a person having 20-plus years of infrastructure experience under his belt. His knowledge and service has proven to be very valuable to us a consultant on our most recent project. He has been able to give us information with back up documentation that has saved us money far in excess of what he has billed us for. If Michael needs a reference from us please have them contact me.”

Bill Kostrivas  ZDI, Inc. 

“We have had the pleasure of working with Michael Frank for over 20 years. We are currently working with his new firm, Frank Civil Consulting, on two new developments, which are a 145 acre industrial park in Surprise and a 277 lot subdivision in Buckeye.

His background and experience have helped us tremendously in processing these two projects during these extremely busy and difficult market conditions. We will continue to work with Michael on our future projects, as his service and knowledge are very helpful.”

William Kerr   Stillbrooke Homes 

“I would like to take a moment to recognize Michael for the work he has done for Stillbrooke Homes of Phoenix, Inc. Although he has only been consulting for us a short period of time, he has proved to be invaluable. His responsiveness and attention to detail has enabled us to move quickly to establish the parameters for our next community. With minimal notice, Michael assisted us in putting together a team to ensure that success. He possesses a unique ability to comprehend and explain technical issues in clear and concise terms. As we continue to grow, Michael will become an integral part of our development team in both the feasibility and planning of future communities.”

Matthew Tsark  Strand Associates, Inc.

“STRAND Associates, Inc and I have know and contractually affiliated with Michael Frank since its inception.  Mr. Frank has performed constructability reviews on three different projects designed by our firm.  Additionally we worked with him in this capacity and as Owner’s representative on a $25,000,000.00 infrastructure for Unit 1 of the Vista Verde development located in Rio Verde, Arizona.  Mr. Frank’s comments associated with his document review have been well thought out and his attention to detail has been a great compliment to our design process.   In addition, his ability to communicate with our design team has been prompt, thorough and articulate.”

Mark Snider  McCarthy Building Services, Inc.

“I have known Michael Frank for over ten (10) years and his the honest person, hard working and is looking out for the best interest of the client.  His preconstruction analysis, drawing review and pre-bid services were very helpful on our projects and we avoided several major problems by consulting with him.”

Larry Talbot  Hunter Engineering 

“He is an excellent communicator and has provided thorough and constructive remarks to our civil designs.  His extensive background, development knowledge and ability to “think outside the box” has given our design team an exceptional insight to compliment their work.”